Klaviyo Coaching

Your 1-on-1 VIP support for all things Klaviyo. Focus on taking your account to the next level, while we guide you and your team through Klaviyo best practices.

Who Is This Best For?

You desperately need to take your Klaviyo account to the next level.

You could benefit from expert guidance and coaching.

You have some design and development resources in-house.

You have a positive energy and align with our company values.

Here’s What You Get With Our Klaviyo Coaching

1:1 Weekly Coaching:

Hop on weekly 1-hour sessions with your Success Coach. Bring your most urgent questions that require more deep thought. Or have our team push you through our Four Levels Framework. Each Google Meet session is recorded so you can play it back later or share it with your team.

VIP Slack Support:

We’ll set you up with your own Slack channel so you can instantly message our team during business hours. Receive quick support, ask questions, and arrange emergency impromptu huddles when needed.

Flow, Forms and Campaign Consulting:

Let us guide you through which flows, forms, and campaigns are a high priority for your brand. With years of experience, we’ve developed expertise by building thousands of them and learning valuable lessons along the way.

Journey Map Creation:

Need to understand your customers journey better? Let’s start by helping you create a journey map unique to your brand that can help isolate potential opportunities. This will create an essential reference point for your coaching sessions.

Segmentation Consulting:

Learn the fundamentals of segmentation with expert tips, tricks, and resources. We'll coach you on the perfect segments to include and exclude for specific emails. Or do you need advice on more advanced segmentation based on cohorts, omni-channels or your customers buying behavior? We've got you covered there as well!

A/B Testing Consulting:

Quit procrastinating on your next A/B test! Through your sessions, you will learn how to prioritize a variety of different A/B tests and use their insights to scale.

Email & SMS Blueprinting:

Need help outlining each email, flow, or SMS? We’ll walk you through all the essential components needed to craft effective outlines, including strategy and creative angles.

Implementation Consulting:

Learn from our extensive experience in managing teams, processes, and workflows. Receive guidance on implementation best practices, quality control, and setting up the right team for the job.

Process & SOP Consulting:

Require the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and processes within your organization? We’re here to assist by offering our Klaviyo SOPs and helping you integrate them seamlessly into your company.

Resource Library:

Gain access to a wealth of educational videos, standard operating procedures, guides, and resources that address common issues and challenges related to Klaviyo.

How To Work With Us:

Fill out your info and select a convenient time for your free 20-minute strategy call. See if we’re a good fit for your brand. If we’re not, that’s okay too– you’ll still leave with valuable insights on how to prioritize Klaviyo.

– Klaviyo Coaching - $3,500/mo –


Hand Klaviyo off to a Team That’s a Breeze to Work With

Small eCom teams that are strapped for bandwidth can’t spend time babysitting an agency. That’s why they choose FlowCandy to drive their retention strategy + implementation.

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See Our Case Studies

Want to read through our case studies to see if we're a good fit? Browse through some of them below.

How To Get Started:


You’re Curious & Book a Call

Kick things off with a 20-minute free call. Receive free expert advice on your brand's next steps in Klaviyo optimization.

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KickOff & Onboarding

We'll schedule a kickoff call where you can meet your team and Success Coach. On the call we’ll take you through the program outline, onboard you into Slack channels, set up a weekly call schedule and show you what you should work on first.

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Grow Your Klaviyo with Ongoing Support

Receive VIP coaching and support for as long as you and your team need. Work with us for a minimum of 3 months, or continue for further optimization of your Klaviyo initiatives.



Try our services for 30 days, if it doesn’t feel like the right fit – get your money back.


What Is FlowCandy?

We’re a team of experts that provides email marketing, SMS and other lifecycle marketing services exclusively for Klaviyo.

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Yes! Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee lets you see if we really click before moving forward. No risk, no headaches.

What Does Onboarding Look Like?

After your application to work with us is approved, we will send you a link to confirm your onboarding date with a $500 deposit (refunded on your first payment). Once you pay the deposit, we will provide you with an onboarding form, and our team will arrange a kick-off call for you.