Named the "most important restaurant in America” by Bon Appétit magazine, Momofuku has restaurants in the United States and Canada as well as a line of restaurant-grade products for home cooks.

Acquiring customers is downright expensive. The Momofuku team knew that maximizing each customer’s value would be key to boosting profits. Finding an agency to increase customer lifetime value and protect your celebrity brand was their challenge.

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54% Increase

in Returning Customer Revenue


90 Day "Done For You" Flow Accelerator


A deep data dive uncovered key methods to boost the frequency and average dollar value of customer purchases. Momofuku saw a big increase in Returning Customer Revenue.


Momofuku needed retention solutions that would boost the frequency and average dollar value of customer purchases. They're bigger than eCommerce—the team needed a partner whose work could meet the standards of an internationally recognized brand.


FlowCandy and Momofuku aimed to smash prior benchmarks for customer lifetime value and substantially increase revenue from email. Their goal was to overhaul their post-purchase experience and increase the value of first time and return customers.


FlowCandy’s strategy team discovered that, when it came to driving repeat purchases, one type of content outperformed the rest. Using historical purchase data and Momofuku’s thumb-stopping media assets, the team built product-specific cross-sell flows customized to the products customers were most likely to buy next.


28% Increase in Average Order Value and 8% Increase in purchase frequency.

12% Increase in Customer Spending in the first 120 days of acquisition, 54% Increase in revenue from returning customers.

153% Increase in email revenue over 90 days.

"FlowCandy took the mindshare of having to worry about email design and development away. We knew you guys had it and would do what we needed to do."


Kyle Seebohm

Director of Growth and eCommerce at Momofuku

Level Up

Momofuku went from a Level 3 to a Level 4. We successfully increased customer revenue and set them up for success moving forward.

Four Levels
8 Foundational Flows

Journey Map

Momofuku now has a custom journey map, which uncovers exactly where future opportunities lie. Learn how to build your own journey map here.

Email Design System

Momofuku now has an Email Design System, a set of email design standards that creates reusable components with a consistent visual style to use throughout their retention marketing.

Email Design System