System Three

System Three Resins is a responsible manufacturer of specialty adhesives, coatings, encapsulants, and composite resin systems.

System Three lacked a cohesive overall strategy for email and SMS. Their VP of Sales and Marketing had a lot on his plate and didn’t have time to focus on email marketing. They weren’t acquiring new subscribers and they didn’t have a strategy to deal with this challenge.

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8 Foundational Flows

in just 90 days.


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System Three’s account is now built out with 8 Foundational Flows to generate consistent retention revenue, as well as a Multi-Step Opt-In to capture leads.


System Three didn’t have the bandwidth to develop a comprehensive email strategy or build out their Klaviyo flows. They knew they needed more, but didn’t have the time to focus on the ins and outs of Klaviyo.


System Three wanted to identify their biggest opportunities and outline the foundational flows they needed to take advantage of them. They needed a retention system that and was nimble and scalable enough to set them up for growth.


FlowCandy helped System Three design and implement 8 foundational flows and a new opt-in, as well as a bonus 6 transactional emails and 6 campaigns, in just 90 days. We also provided an Email Design System to help System Three maintain a consistent visual style.


Level 2 reached in the 4 Levels Checklist.

8 Flows and 6 Transactional Emails generating revenue in 90 days.

900 unique new subscribers generated from the brand-new pop-up forms.

“You guys are on it. It’s crazy...there was never a period where we were playing catch up because we were falling behind... everything looks great. I feel like it’s performing again.”


Jeffrey Anderson

System Three, VP Sales and Marketing

Level Up

System Three went from a Level 1 to a Level 2. They now have the systems needed to generate consistent retention revenue, establish benchmarks, and deliver a better customer experience.

Four Levels
8 Foundational Flows

8 Foundational Flows

System Three have built out their core foundational flows, which have already generated over $11,500 in revenue in the first 90 days. Learn how to build your own journey map here.

Email Design System

System Three now have an Email Design System, a set of email design standards that creates reusable components with a consistent visual style to use throughout their retention marketing.

Email Design System