Bioelements are skin scientists creating personalized, clinical formulas for use in the spa and at home.

Biolements needed expert help with email marketing migration and sophisticated flows to complement their customer journey. They were migrating to Klaviyo and were concerned the migration would take too long and break valuable automations that would decrease their sales.

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8 Custom Flows

in just 90 Days.


90 Day "Done For You" Flow Accelerator


FlowCandy worked with Bioelements to migrate platforms and design an automated email and SMS funnel tailored to their customer journey.


Bioelements was looking to set up personalized flows that required the expertise of email marketing logic and strategy professionals. They needed an efficient team of experts to help them with a migration and flow strategy tailored to their customer journey.


Bioelements and FlowCandy needed to execute a swift migration from Bronto to Klaviyo. They also needed a newe strategy to personalize their customer journey and understand their customers' needs using zero party data and targeted segments.


FlowCandy knocked it out of the park with a complete and successful migration from Bronto to Klaviyo in under 20 hours, while the team implemented custom-tailored flows using industry tactics such as quizzes, loyalty offers, and personalized recommendations.


60% Increase in overall open rate.

800 New SMS Subscribers in just 60 days.

Personalized Flows that automatically recommend products based on quiz results.



Jake Winfield

Director of Performance Marketing at NeuroQ

Level Up

Bioelements went from a Level 2 to a Level 3. We successfully set up the foundations for success and personalized the customer journey moving forward.

Four Levels
8 Foundational Flows

Journey Map

Bioelements now has a custom journey map, which uncovers exactly where future opportunities lie. Learn how to build your own journey map here.

Email Design System

Bioelements has a custom Email Design System, a set of email design standards that creates reusable components with a consistent visual style to use throughout their retention marketing.

Email Design System