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Ka'Chava's recently hired Director of Retention wanted to get their retention program whipped into shape. This was too big of a job to tackle on her own. For a company of their size, they needed a full in-house retention department but needed a strong foundation first. Our goal was to help them set up the systems so that by the time they hit level four, they’d be able to manage their campaigns and day-to-day tasks in-house.

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Klaviyo Independence

From Level 1 to Level 4 in under a year.


90 Day "Done For You" Flow Accelerator with continued service


FlowCandy worked with Ka'Chava to optimize their foundational flows in Klaviyo and create an Email Design System in order to set them up for ongoing success.


Ka'Chava needed an Email System built out but didn't have the bandwidth to do so. They also knew that they needed to build consistency and brand equity throughout the email program. There were several important opportunities to realize immediate revenue as well as set them up for future success.


Our main goal with Ka'Chava was to set up their account for continued success and create an Email Design System that would allow them to succeed internally moving forward. We would establish foundational flows as well as custom flows to increase customer retention and add new revenue streams.


FlowCandy built out over 20 Flows and Transactional Emails to build a smooth and consistent customer experience that will generate long-term revenue. We also set designed a new Opt-In Form that, in the first 30 days alone, helped Ka'Chava gain over 265,000 new email subscribers!


20+ Custom Flows generating long-term revenue.

Over 265,000 New Email Subscribers in the first 30 days.

Elevated Design System that unifies design across all messages.

"Your team is quick and fantastic with feedback, we really had a great working rhythm overall and I would absolutely recommend FlowCandy to anyone looking to really level up their email marketing efforts."


Katie Hanna

Director of Retention at Ka'Chava

Level Up

Ka'Chava moved from a Level 1 to a Level 4. We set up the foundations for success and helped them gain clarity and ability to bring it in house. Try your own checklist to uncover opportunities for your e-commerce store.

Four Levels
8 Foundational Flows

Journey Map

Ka'Chava now has a custom journey map, which uncovers the paths customers follow and exactly where future opportunities lie. Learn how to build your own journey map here.

Email Design System

Ka'Chava has a custom Email Design System, a set of elevated email design standards that creates reusable components with a consistent visual style to use throughout their retention marketing.

Email Design System