Good See Co.

Hailing from Venice Beach, California, Good See Co. provides the largest luxury eyewear collection with prescription lenses made onsite that ship everywhere.

Good See Co. needed a foundation established in Klaviyo. When they came to us, their customers were receiving minimal contact with their company outside of order notifications. We would fix that.

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FlowCandy worked with Good See Co. to build and optimize their foundational flows in Klaviyo and design an Email Design System for their weekly campaigns that set them up for ongoing success.


Good See Co. needed a team who could build out their flows and meet their email needs. They didn't have the bandwidth to do so. They also knew that they needed to build consistency and brand equity in their email system. There were several opportunities to realize immediate revenue as well as set them up for future success.


Our main goal with Good See was to set up their account for success by designing and implementing a Pop Up and key Foundational Flows. We would create an Email Design System to allow them to succeed in building out and send campaigns moving forward. We would also build out custom reporting to monitor their needs and make sure we hit their KPIs.


FlowCandy built 8 Flows that generated over $189,000 in just 90 days. We also designed and sent 10 campaigns which generated more than $73,000. In these 90 days, we gained over 4,570 subscribers and increased Click Rates by +140%. These flows will continue to provide a positive customer experience and generate revenue for Good See moving forward.


8 Foundational Flows generating $189,000+.

4,570+ new subscribers in 90 days.

Over 140% increase in Click Through Rate.

"It's been a really great experience. The results are there."


Farasat Siddiqui

Director of eCommerce at Good See Co.

Level Up

We took Good See Co. from a Level 1 to a Level 2. We set up the foundations for success and helped them gain clarity moving forward. Uncover opportunities for your own e-commerce store.

Four Levels
8 Foundational Flows

Journey Map

Good See Co. now has a custom journey map, which uncovers the paths customers follow and exactly where future opportunities lie. Learn how to build your own journey map here.

Email Design System

Good See Co. has a custom Email Design System, a set of elevated email design standards that creates reusable components with a consistent visual style to use throughout their retention marketing.

Email Design System