Get clarity on how to grow your store

Build a Retention Strategy that increases sales

Struggling to see the value in email + SMS? Your strategy might be to blame. Here are the signs:

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Your flows aren’t getting great results and you don’t know why

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You're not making quality connections with your marketing automations

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You are flooding customers with emails—but you aren't sure whether they're effective

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You feel like you need an expert to help you with core decisions like segmentation, trigger choice, and content direction

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Your "strategy" is running discounts 24/7

It might feel like you’ve hit a ceiling with retention marketing.

But that’s far from the truth.

All you need is a strategy to bring all the pieces together...

... and someone to do it for you.

FlowCandy equips eCom teams with unreasonably profitable Retention Strategy

With FlowCandy’s strategy team at your disposal, here’s what you can expect:

Find your growth levers

You’ll find your growth levers with a 360 audit of your existing retention marketing.

  • Identify growth opportunities with your Opportunity Analysis
  • Unearth hard-to-find errors that limit growth with your Settings Check
  • Get a 50,000ft view of your customer journey with FlowMaps & Advance Reporting
  • Get a Retention Playbook that shows you the next steps to scaling your business
  • Use Performance Forecasting to predict the impact of flows—even before you build them

Align your marketing team

You’ll fix any gaps between your marketing efforts and dream business outcomes.

  • Steer your retention efforts with Quarterly Goals that support your dream outcomes 
  • Share what makes your brand unique in your FlowCandy Onboarding—we’ll learn your language so that you can more aggressively outsource work

Collaborate with experts

You’ll get access to experts with insights from hundreds of stores.

  • Riff on strategy with your dedicated Strategy Manager—get expert feedback on new tactics, technologies, platforms, and initiatives
  • Get access to our Partner Benefits—technology partner discounts, exclusive trainings, referrals to excellent service providers, and more

Accelerate your retention strategy

You’ll get your Retention Playbook. A document that clearly outlines your path to scale. It includes:

  • A visualization of your customer journey that will help you identify your growth levers
  • A list flows that should be built (we’ll build ‘em) and clear expectations for the revenue each one will bring (we’ll exceed ‘em)
  • A list of apps, platforms, and technologies you should be using
  • An overarching strategy that pulls the all pieces together to capture more sales, nurture engagement, and drive repeat purchases

Analyze your performance

You’ll know how your channel performed without spending time to chase the data yourself.

  • Learn from each initiative—build your own Retention Playbook of tactics and angles that keep customers coming back for more
  • Elevate your team—give your internal team an education on retention marketing, so that every department can play its role in preventing churn