Launch flows that sell while you sleep

Create new flows or optimize what you already have

You send hundreds of emails per day. Are they any good? Here’s how you know you need to level up your flows:

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Your team/agency is struggling to understand triggers/filters/logic. You’re worried that there could be mistakes that damage your brand

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You haven’t integrated email + SMS for a seamless cross-platform experience

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You don’t have a clear goal for each flow

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You’re on a platform that sucks because you don’t have the expertise to migrate

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Your flows are a complete mess—you aren’t sure what’s live and what isn’t—and you just want a fresh start

Your flows might feel like a jumbled mess of initiatives that have been patched together over the years. Sometimes it feels like you just need to blow everything up and start all over. But don’t do that just yet…

The right team can turn your flows into a solid foundation to build on.

FlowCandy’s full-stack retention marketing team builds your flows for you

Here’s what life looks like when a full-stack marketing team takes retention off your plate:

Get clarity on what will grow your store

Your Strategy Manager will give you 360 degrees of control over your customer experience.

  • Work with a dedicated Strategy Manager to create a roadmap for your business
  • Get a Retention Playbook that shows you the next steps to scaling your business
  • Get a 50,000ft view of your customer journey with FlowMaps & Advance Reporting
  • Swipe tactic straight from our Flow Menu—a list of 100 different types of flows we’ve built over the year
  • Use Performance Forecasting to predict the impact of flows—even before you build them
  • Find out if you qualify for Advanced AB Testing and Cohort Marketing
  • Manage effectively with Quarterly Goals that support your dream outcomes
  • Accelerate your growth with Retention Insights from hundreds of stores

Send emails that look as good as your website

Your Design Team will create gorgeous emails in a fraction of the time.

  • Work with our in-house Design Team—they’ve designed for some of the biggest names in eCom
  • Use your custom Email Design System to ship better looking emails in less time
  • Get unlimited design revisions

Say what they need to hear

Your Copywriting Team will write copy that converts without losing your unique voice.

  • Work with our in-house Copywriting Team—they’ve written for every eCom niche you can imagine
  • Establish a Brand Language that connects you directly to your audience
  • Get unlimited copy revisions

Ship campaigns that work

Your Development Team will ensure everything works the way it’s supposed to.

  • Your Development Team are email specialists—there’s no problem they can’t crack
  • Ensure 100% error-free with our Quality Assurance Team
  • Crush the bugs with Advanced Troubleshooting
  • Slay the dragons (eg. platform migrations) with Expert Technical Assistance
  • Protect your sender health with Deliverability Monitoring

10x your output

Your Project Manager will direct the team to do everything for you.

  • Work with a dedicated Project Manager who ensures deliverables are on-time and to spec
  • Erase ambiguity with a Project Calendar that includes start and finish dates, performance forecasting, and ties into your grand strategy