Get a team to protect your domain

Keep your emails from hitting the spam folder

Suffering from unexplained dips in revenue? Could be seasonal… or something more sinister. Here’s are the warning signs:

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Your email performance has dipped and you're not sure why

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You're getting reports that your emails are landing in the spam folder

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You are seeing a spike in unsubscribes

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You have no idea whether or not your domain is in good health

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You don’t have anyone on your team that understands deliverability

Stores that monitor their deliverability are able to maximize their reach without compromising their domain.

But a blacklisting can cost you thousands of dollars in lost revenue per day. So you can’t entrust this critical job to just anyone.

FlowCandy’s Deliverability Services protect your brand by keeping your domain healthy

Here’s how we protect your domain:

Sender Reputation Monitoring

You’ll have a team constantly monitoring your sender reputation to ensure you don’t get blacklisted or have your reach throttled.

Blacklist Removal

Damage already done? We’ll be able to audit your deliverability and give you an assessment on whether we can get you back into the good books and sending emails again.

Domain Warming

If you’re looking for a fresh start we can warm up your new domains to ensure that they aren’t immediately consigned to the spam box.

Deliverability Quality Control

Every single email that goes out will benefit from our quality control process which is designed to make sure emails stay out of spam and render correctly in the inbox.

List Warming

Stay off blacklists in the first place by warming up your lists and ensuring people want to hear from you.