Send campaigns that win sales

Send amazing looking campaigns that convert

The campaign calendar—you’re either crushing it or it’s crushing you. Here are a couple indicators that you could use some help:

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You’re spending 100% of your bandwidth just to keep up with your calendar

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You message infrequently so you feel like you have to say everything at all at once

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You don’t have a strategy that covers segmentation, frequency, content angles, etc.

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Your team/agency struggles to follow basic merchandising rules

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You’re only sending promotional emails and it’s annoying customers

This is no way to grow.

With expert Campaign Management stores ship emails faster and with less hassle. And those extra sends add up to more profit.

But you’re maxed out for bandwidth… who will ideate, create, and launch these campaigns on time?

FlowCandy gives eCom teams killer campaigns and their bandwidth back

Here’s what your campaigns look like when the FC team gets to work:

Send campaigns that build loyalty

You’ll supercharge your campaign revenue now that you have a real strategy.

  • Keep recipients engaged by diversifying your Content Mix (eg. promo, nurture, FAQ, etc.)
  • Plan quarterly, build weeks in advance, and send weekly with your Campaign Calendar
  • Outperform competitors by using Campaign Intelligence to plan for hot selling seasons
  • Select from any of the dozens of campaign types we’ve created in our Campaign Menu

Get your team's bandwidth back

You’ll plan quarterly, send weekly, and receive all campaigns with ample time to review. 

  • Track your project effortlessly in Slack or ClickUp
  • Review and approve in just minutes using Zeplin

Send pin-worthy emails

Your campaigns will look so good nobody will believe how quickly they get made.

  • Work with our in-house Design and Copywriting Team—they’ve worked for some of the biggest names in eCom
  • Get unlimited revisions

Target your most valuable customers

Your conversion rate will skyrocket with advanced segmentation.

  • Nurture first time purchasers into VIPs with Purchase Frequency Segmentation
  • Prevent customers from lapsing with Abandonment Segmentation
  • Get window shoppers off the fence with Non-Purchaser Campaigns
  • Boost LTV with your own customized LTV Segmentation tactics

Explore new channels

A new audience awaits you.

  • We’ll migrate you to the SMS Platform that’s right for you
  • Run Email & SMS Integrated Campaigns
  • Create new opportunities with your dedicated SMS Strategy