FlowCandy Insiders

FlowCandy Insiders offers eCommerce marketing teams real-time Klaviyo developer, creative, and strategy support in Slack for $395/membership + seat. $190 each additional seat.

"Access An Elite Email Marketing Team Without Breaking the Bank!"
- Brian Becker, FlowCandy Co-Founder

Who Is This Best For?

eCommerce Brands

You’re a Shopify, eCommerce, or DTC brand that is using Klaviyo and is looking to scale and drastically improve its email & lifecycle marketing.

eCommerce Agencies

You’re a marketer, agency, or freelancer who is fulfilling Klaviyo services and needs a dedicated support team that can help you with your clients.

Here’s What You Get In FlowCandy Insiders

Klaviyo Strategy Slack Support

Get real-time access to our strategy team in Slack to chat about flows, campaigns, segmentation, forms, AB testing, journey mapping, reporting, loyalty, discount codes, and much much more.

Klaviyo Design Support

Chat with our designers in real time to help check your Figma files, and chat about the latest design trends, technical questions (padding, size, margins, etc.), typography, and visual hierarchy.

Email & SMS Copy Support

Get creative with our copywriters and discuss best-practice tips and copy trends. Explore copy hierarchy, learn how to write subject lines that optimize open rate, and unlock the most successful CTAs.

Klaviyo Developer Support

Get advice on implementing your email designs in Klaviyo, creating segments, adding integrations and metrics.

Bi-Weekly Office Hour Calls

Join our team for a live, interactive session every 2 weeks, where you can connect directly with our Klaviyo experts. You can join us to ask questions about strategy, design, copy, and development, discuss issues, and get guidance on Klaviyo best practices.

Access to All Our SOPs & Training

As a FlowCandy Insider you’ll get exclusive access to all our SOPs and templates, as well as training videos on specific aspects of email marketing.

How To Work With Us:

Fill out your info and select a convenient time for your free 20-minute strategy call. See if we’re a good fit for your brand. If we’re not, that’s okay too– you’ll still leave with valuable insights on how to prioritize Klaviyo.

– Klaviyo Accelerator - $6,500/mo –

What's Not Included?

Our team is happy to coach your team and provide strategic advice, but will not be responsible for the implementation of any of the following:

  • Setup of flows

  • Setup of campaigns

  • Setup of segmentation

  • Setup of forms

  • Building reports

  • Setting up integrations

  • Making design & copy edits

  • Creating designs or copy

  • Editing templates

  • Providing copy for email or SMS

  • Fixing code issues

  • Fixing triggers or filters

  • 1-on-1 meetings to fix issues

  • Creating discount codes

  • Running AB tests

  • Setup of any applications


Our Team Is A Breeze To Work With

Small eCom teams that are strapped for bandwidth can’t spend time babysitting an agency. That’s why they choose FlowCandy Insiders to access elite-level Klaviyo support.

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See Our Case Studies

Want to read through our case studies to see if we're a good fit? Browse through some of them below.

How To Get Started:


Sign Up By Click "Join Today"

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Start a Conversation

Join the Slack channel and get answers to your Klaviyo questions, or share experiences with other professionals.

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Grow Your Revenue

Use our tools, SOPs, templates, and training to level up your email game and turbocharge your Klaviyo revenue!

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Try our services for 30 days, if it doesn’t feel like the right fit – get your money back.


Who Are FlowCandy Insiders?

FlowCandy Insiders are eCommerce brands, marketers, and freelancers, who want to level-up their email marketing game, with access to elite-level Klaviyo experts, without taking on the cost and time of a full-service agency relationship.

Do You Have A Guarantee?

Yes! Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee lets you see if we really click before moving forward. No risk, no headaches.

Will You Write, Design, and Implement My Emails?

FC Insiders is designed to help you develop the skills to optimize your email marketing, rather than doing it for you. We’ll provide guidance, advice, tips, and training, as well as helping you solve problems, so you can future-proof your email and retention marketing efforts and grow your revenue. If you want us to do all the design and implementation you will need to look into our agency services.

What Does Access Look Like?

You’ll be added to a Slack channel where you can get real-time help and support from our Klaviyo experts. You’ll be able to chat live to our team in our Office Hours call, as well as getting access to our library of SOPs, templates, and training videos.