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Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon creates superior-quality grooming goods available in more than 40,000 brick and mortar retail stores.
Partner since
July 2022
solution provided
90 Day "Done For You" Flow Accelerator
Key Result
$115,000 in flow revenue in 90 days
ROI in just 90 days

Key Challenges

Duke Cannon was ready for a complete retention marketing system but their tech stack was holding them back. They needed an expert team who could migrate them to Klaviyo, develop a 360 retention strategy, and take complete ownership of developing and launching their flows.
Expert Strategy
  • Wanted to roll out an end-to-end retention strategy that would boost revenue.
360 Integration
  • Wanted deeper integration between their eCommerce platform, marketing apps, and their email platform.

Our Approach

The Accelerator team launched a complete end-to-end email & SMS retention funnel in just 90 days. Each flow was aligned to a business goal, each email re-focused on their offer, and all touchpoints uniformly branded with Duke Cannon's brand new Email Design System.
"Working with FlowCandy has given me the assurance that we are maximizing our potential as we head into the busy Holiday shopping season and beyond. I feel confident that we are efficiently capturing and converting new business with a series of thoughtfully executed flows and automations, as is evidenced by the rate of revenue generated from automations relative to one-time campaigns in our account."
Chris Lutz
Duke Cannon, Ecommerce Manager


Duke Cannon's new flows generated more than $100,000 in sales—even before the Accelerator was complete. Thanks to their new, fully-automated, uniformly branded email + SMS automations, the Duke Cannon team spent less time on email yet their revenue increased, open rates increased, unsubs/spam/bounces decreased, and they reached more prospects than ever.
Flow Revenue
  • New flows generated $100,000+ in revenue in 90 days
Brand Design
  • Executed a full design refresh of all retention touchpoints
ROI in just 90 days

Integrated Ecosystem

Duke Cannon could now use Klaviyo to manage all aspects of their retention marketing—including Reputation Management, SMS, Cohort Analysis, LTV Analysis.
Flow recipients over 90 days.
Increase in open rate.