Have a team of experts in your corner

Get “6 Star” retention marketing support

How much more could you get done with a team of experts in your corner. Here are a couple signs you should invest in better support:

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When something breaks, you're the last to know

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You can’t get clear answers to core questions like segmentation, logic, frequency, content

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You put off big changes (eg. migrations) because you’re concerned about the downtime

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You aren’t surrounded by subject matter experts

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Your team/agency creates stuff—but they leave measuring the impact to you

Expert support gives eCom teams the confidence to move fast.

But who can you trust to have your team’s back?

Working with FlowCandy means every marketing question gets answered in 24 hours or less

Communication so effortless it feels like we’re right there in the office with you. Here’s what you can expect with VIP Support:

Get 24/7 VIP Slack Support

You’ll have access to an entire marketing department who can answer your questions. Any hour, day or night.

Check-in with Weekly or Biweekly Calls

You’ll effortlessly keep track of projects and measure results.

  • Work with your dedicated Strategy Manager to create your growth plan
  • Set measurable targets with Quarterly Goals
  • Look ahead to future campaigns by reviewing your Campaign Calendar
  • Request Performance Forecasting before investing in new flows
  • Measure overall performance against your Retention Playbook

Access an A+ retention team

Your new team is going to get you up to speed—quickly

  • Riff with your Strategy Manager about new tactics, strategies, channels, and apps
  • Consult the Development Team on all your big thorny problems
  • Let our Creative Team ideate different brand expressions  
  • Connect with your Project Manager to keep tabs on deliverables

Get exclusive benefits

You’ll get access to exclusive offers and priority support for eCom apps we’ve partnered with.

  • Exclusive offers and deals on service charges
  • White glove service through our partner connections
  • Early access to new features and apps

Know how you're performing

You’ll be able to request custom reports and track KPIs that are tailored to your specific business goals.

  • Know the value of each customer with Lifetimely
  • Track specific Metrics that Matter with Custom Metrics
  • Scheduled automated reports with Klaviyo Dashboards
  • Jam with your Strategy Manager to find business-changing opportunities