Get your message into their pockets

Add SMS to your strategy or enhance what you have

SMS has huge potential—are you tapped in? Here are the signs your SMS program could use some work:

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You're don't know which SMS platform to use or you're stuck on one that isn't right for you

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You’re recycling email content for SMS and it isn't working

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Your team/agency struggles to understand SMS triggers/filters/logic and how to integrate with email

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You don't have an SMS program

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SMS is a fast new trend and you don’t really have an SMS pro on your team who is keeping up with the latest tactics

With the right expertise you could be looking at another 6/7-figure channel… that costs less to run than email.

If only someone would build it for you.

FlowCandy SMS will build your high-performing SMS channel for you

Your new SMS channel’s got a lot going for it:

Get on the right platform

You’ll be onboarded to the SMS platform that’s right for your store.

  • Get VIP service through our SMS Partner Relationships 
  • Know exactly which app to use with our unbiased SMS Audit

Supercharge your flows

You’ll get email + SMS flows that are seamlessly integrated.

  • Work with a dedicated Strategy Manager to an SMS-specific strategy
  • Keep track of deliverables effortlessly with your dedicated Project Manager
  • Work with our in-house Design and Copywriting Team—they’ve worked for some of the biggest names in eCom
  • Get a Development Team to ensure it’s all error-free

Tap into new revenue

You’ll get more mileage out of your campaigns by integrating SMS marketing.

  • Target sales opportunities with Limited-Time Offer Campaigns
  • Nurture engagement with SMS Rewards

Create a multi-channel experience 

You’ll use app data to trigger new customer journeys 

  • Act on customer feedback with Reputation Management Software
  • Find your most valuable customers with LTV Segmentation

Keep all your data in one place

You’ll know exactly how much you’re making at any given time

  • Keep tabs on performance with Weekly or Bi-Weekly Calls
  • Set measurable targets with Quarterly Goals
  • Measure LTV to find your most profitable customers