Achieve top 1% outcomes

Optimize Email + SMS performance with A/B testing done the right way

Struggling to get more out of your flows? You may need a better testing program. Here’s how you know:

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You want something more than just subject line tests but you don’t know where to start

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You have no strategy for improving flow performance once its launched

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You aren't testing even though you have the volume for it

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Your team/agency builds things for you—but they leave the hard part (measuring impact) to you

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You’ve tried implementing A/B tests in flows but it’s turned into a super complicated mess

Stores that don’t A/B test miss the opportunity to achieve world class performance.

But testing programs are often long commitments with no guarantee of ROI.

Who can you trust to run experiments for you?

FlowCandy helps high-performing eCom teams set new records

Testing changes the game. Here’s how:

Get testing ideas

You’ll get access to dozens of different test ideas that you can run across your entire retention stack—from flows to campaigns to popups and more. 

Optimize your flows

You’ll have a scientific process for getting the most out of the flows that handle the most amount of traffic.

Find killer subject lines

You’ll do subject line testing that not only boosts open rates but improves customer satisfaction.

Validate your offer

You’ll test the most important part of any promotional message: your offer.

Find your best customers

You’ll boost your performance by matching specific cohorts to targeted messages.