How Long Does It Take To Build A Klaviyo Flow

What steps are required to get a Klaviyo flow built and launched?

Will Evans

People ask us this question all the time.

Technically you could build a quick flow in under an hour.

… But my typical answer is around 1 week.

In order to build a perfect flow, you need to go through 6 critical steps to ensure your flow will work successfully.

And honestly these steps just take time.

Here are the 6 steps to focus on:

1) Logic

It all starts with logic. In this step we map out all the triggers, filters, paths, tags, AB tests etc. This process is similar to building the foundation of a house. You can build a great house, but if the foundation is bad the house will fall apart. So if your logic is bad, the whole entire flow will not function. That’s why you have to nail the logic first!

2) Copy

The next thing we focus on is copy. Not only does this include writing subject lines & your body text that matches the tone of your brand, but most importantly it includes mapping out the offers you’re going to make in your flows. An offer could be a discount code, a special promotion or simply asking for a review. A pro tip would be to write down the offers you want to make in your flows first and then start writing the copy

3) Design

Pretty self explanatory. After we build the logic and write the copy, we then move onto design. This includes designing templates, and any other special assets you want to use.

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4) Implementation

This is where you put everything together. Normally this is done by a developer or someone who has CSS & HTML skills. A pro tip here is to make sure you implement 2 types of templates (one for mobile and one designed for desktop).

5) Quality Control

This is what separates the amateurs from the professionals. Any email agency or email marketing professional that is worth their salt will have a Quality Control process. Not only are they checking logic and grammar, but the real pros are also running emails through tools that check for inbox placement and double checking more granular things like UTMs and discount codes. Do not skip this step!

6) Launch & Monitor

Now you’re finally able to launch your flow! One final pro tip I will give you is to always come back and review the flow you’ve launched 48-72 hours later. Maybe sooner if it’s high volume. Not only do you want to check Opens, Clicks, Bounce, Spam etc. and make sure there are no red flags there, but you also want to check who is going down this flow and confirming that the logic is correct.

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