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Subscription Churn Reduction Flow

A custom flow built using the tool ChurnBuster that helps recover failed subscription payments. When a customers payment fails we’re able to put them into a flow that encourages them to update their payment information and resume their subscription.

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Happy Birthday Flow

If you’re collecting your customers birthdays, you should be reaching out to them on their special day and giving your own gift. A discount or special offer for their birthday is contained in the first email, then a follow up for them to use it. Typically, if you are not already collecting birthdays, a new popup will need to be implemented along with this flow.

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Pre-Purchase New Subscriber Flow

This flow, typically referred to as a “Welcome Series” are the first emails that new list members will see after signing up. They are typically brought in through either a popup or embedded form that contains an offer or incentive in the CTA. In this series our goal is to deliver on that offer and to start educating the customer on the brand and products. The five email variation works to both drive customers to the purchase and to indoctrinate customers using social proof and product information.

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Refund Flow

Customers that are issued a refund are at a pivotal moment in their customer journey. The refund flow allows you to engage with them to find out what went wrong with their order, express your appreciation and willingness to solve their problem, and to hopefully reactivate them as a customer.

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First Purchase Anniversary Flow

Engage with customers on the anniversary of their first purchase with you. Can either be triggered to send 6 months after the first purchase, or one year. Includes two follow up emails to encourage the user to use the anniversary gift provided in the first email.

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Review Request Flow

After a customer purchases from your site, it’s always a good idea to send a timely review request. This can be done through Klaviyo or through a third party app (Yotpo,, etc.). It is also possible to extend this flow and add an incentive for leaving a review.

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