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Outdoorplay is one of the largest online outdoor retailers in the United States.
Partner since
January 2021
solution provided
90 Day "Done For You" Flow Accelerator
Key Result
Built a complete eCom email marketing funnel in less than 90 days
Increase in email revenue

Key Challenges

Outdoorplay was migrating email platforms. Their team was confident that switching to Klaviyo was the right move. But a migration would mean rebuilding their entire email marketing system. Plus they wanted to update legacy copy and design that no longer represented the brand. Could the revamp be accomplished "behind the scenes" without disrupting their customer experience?
CX Consistency

Needed their email automations to uphold the same standards of customer experience excellence as their higher touch channels.

Loss of sales

Worried that the migration would break valuable automations they depended on to bring in sales.

Our Approach

FlowCandy's strategy team relished the opportunity for a ground-up redesign. The team sought to translate Outdoorplay's competitive advantages—expert staff, excellent customer service, and powerful merchandising—into the world of automated, scalable email marketing. FlowCandy worked with Outdoorplay to design a high-relevance sales funnel that tailored messages to customers based on their past purchase behavior. In less than 90 days FC launched a complete email marketing system and the payout was swift.
“Outdoorplay has a reputation for great customer service. It’s only natural that their flows should feel as warm and helpful as their team is.”
Will Evans
FlowCandy, Co-founder


By launching a proven system in such short order, not only was FlowCandy and Outdoorplay able to avoid disruptions in customer service, but the new revenue generated covered the cost of the entire accelerator in the first two weeks.
Massive Revenue Increase
  • +$45,000 in new revenue from email automations alone.
Automated Customer Journey
  • 8 automations launched
  • +10,000 new recipients
  • Integrated Yotpo + Klaviyo to automate review requests
2 weeks
until the accelerator paid for itself

A Six-Figure Channel

Email revenue increased 60% and has remained a consistent six-figure revenue channel long after 90-day accelerator.
New recipients of automated emails.
New automations tailored to specific stages in the customer journey.