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FlowCandy is a full-service, done-for-you retention marketing agency that plans, creates, and launches your email & SMS marketing initiatives. We take care of retention so that you can grow profitably.
We help you get the most out of your favorite platforms:
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Completely Done-for-You Email and SMS Services

FlowCandy audits, plans, executes, and manages full retention strategies for fast growing eCommerce brands.
Automation Strategy
Nurture Customers
Deliver automated messages via email and SMS based on your customers behaviors and preferences.
Stay Top-of-Mind
Send campaigns on a consistent cadence that educate, inspire, promote, and convert.
Send Beautiful Emails
Create a scalable design system for your email communications that feels like an extension of your brand.
Hit the Inbox
Send with purpose and utilize best practices to ensure that your emails aren’t going to spam.
Don’t Go It Alone
Grow with confidence knowing there is a team of retention experts available to support your changing needs.
Accelerate your store’s growth with better retention.
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Start a Relationship -
Not a Retainer

FlowCandy is a boutique agency, which means each store on our limited customer list gets the VIP treatment - the way all agency experiences should be.
Clutch Rating
Stuart Schultz - CEO, BeautyRX
Stuart Schultz
CEO, BeautyRX
“FlowCandy did a beautiful job updating and optimizing our flows to resonate with our customers and reflect our brand. They go above and beyond on everything. When you find an agency like them, they're a keeper.
Our Results

FlowCandy Success Stories

With FlowCandy’s help, our partners are able to create a customer experience that is beautiful, individualized, and focused on hitting their goals.

Build Brand Identity

Create a seamless customer experience that puts your brand identity at the center. Use what makes your store and products unique to build your community.
Faye Zandi
Faye Zandi
Founder, Zandiland Beauty
“Our company has a unique vibe and we had yet to work with a company and that really got it. Once we started working with Flow Candy, I was blown away! When I tell you it was the complete opposite, I can’t even express how much so. They not only delivered but they knocked it out of the park!

Keep Customers Engaged

Utilize a campaign strategy that continues to nurture your customers and grows their affinity to your brand. Educate, build excitement, and deliver customized offers.
Kyle Seebohm
Kyle Seebohm
Director of Growth, Momofuku
“Not only have they helped us make insanely good looking emails, but they have helped provide that full end to end perspective to improve our life cycle marketing. From the upfront strategy to designing the killer emails, and all the way through QA and implementation.”

Send Targeted Automations

Tailor the messaging of your journeys based on your customer’s behavior. Sending relevant and engaging content that builds a relationship with your brand.
Spencer Bowen
Spencer Bowen
Vice President, Murphy Door
“Before, we were using our email marketing to just let our customers know when we were running a sale, and it definitely performed. But because of the strategy and what FlowCandy has recommend, it’s turned Klaviyo into a freakin' weapon. It's amazing.”